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Johnnywas MULTI ARCHER FLARE TOP Clothing Tops Blouses


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Johnnywas MULTI ARCHER FLARE TOP Clothing Tops Blouses
Imagine a top that frames your neck in loops and buttons. Imagine no more. Our Archer Flare Top brings your vision to life. Dainty frills frame your shoulders, leading down to loose, medium-length sleeves. This lovely, chocolate-brown top drifts gracefully away from your frame, falling in loose waves around your waist. Slim-fit cream pants and heels dress this top-up for a night on the town. Jeans and soft leather boots are ideal for daytime or a casual dinner.

Product Details:

● 84% Viscose, 15% Cotton, 1% Spandex
● Buttons and loops at neck
● Model is wearing a size Small
● Measurements for a size Medium: Length is 26”, Bust is 48”
● For measurement inquiries, please reach out to our customer service team at (866) 942-8806.
● Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only


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